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__ Nasal Polyps  __________________________________

What are Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are non-cancerous growths arising from an inflamed oedematous nasal or sinus mucosa. Nasal polyps are attached to the mucosal membrane by a moderately thin stalk or pedicle. Nasal polyps are round, translucent, smooth and soft grape-like growths with a glistening appearance.

Polyps arise from the lateral wall of the nose (the middle meatus). Other sites where polyps often form are near the bulla ethmoidalis, medial surface, the ostia and the edge of the middle conchae. Nasal Polyps never arise from the floor of the nose or nasal septum.

Types of Nasal Polyps

There are mainly two types of polyps seen in the general population:

  • Bilateral Ethmoidal Polyps – multiple polyps arising in the ethmoid sinuses
  • Antrochoanal Polyps - polyps arising in the maxillary sinuses
Causes of Nasal polyps

The exact cause of nasal polyps is complex and not fully understood. Inflammation is, however, the driving force behind nasal polyps.

Allergies, sinus infections and damage to the nasal mucosal membrane are the main causes of inflammation and nasal polyp development. People with salicylic acid hypersensitivity, ciliary motility problems or cystic fibrosis are more at risk of developing nasal polyps than others. Polyps mainly develop in adults, however antrochoanal polyps are more common amongst children and young adults.

What do Nasal Polyps look like?

An ethmoidal polyp is a graph like mass which is pale to pinkish in color with a glistening surface. These nasal polyps can bleed but are usually safe from bleeding on touch.

The antrochoanal polyp is greyish, globular and tri-lobed with nasal, choanal and antral parts. It is usually soft and can move up and down when probing is performed.

Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
  • Stuffiness of the nose
  • Obstruction of the nose
  • Partial or total anosmia or loss of smell
  • Headaches due to associated sinusitis
  • Facial pain
  • Excessive Sneezing
  • Watery nasal discharge
  • Snoring
  • A feeling of some mucus continually flowing into the throat
  • In antrochoanal polyps the voice is affected. It becomes thick and dull
  • There is hypo-nasality
  • Polyps may protrude from the nose and may mimic cancer
Who is more likely to develop Nasal Polyps?

A person having Asthma: A patient suffering from asthma is more likely to develop nasal polyps.

Allergic Rhinitis: Polyps usually arise in those persons who have some allergy of the nose.

Allergic fungal sinusitis: Airborne fungal allergy patients have the same symptoms of a typical allergy and their risk of developing polyps is higher.

Aspirin drug intolerance: Most people having some allergic reaction to aspirin are more susceptible to developing polyps.

Cystic fibrosis: Due to abnormal composition of the nasal mucosa and ciliary disorders, the mucosa is not drained properly leading to polyps' formation.

Age of person: The development of nasal polyps is more common in adults of 40 years of age and above.

Nasal mastocytosis: This is chronic rhinitis in which nasal mucosa is characterized by an infiltration of mast cells.

Allergies or all other associated factors should be treated properly. Persons who are particularly susceptible to the development of polyps need to take care of themselves, visit their doctor for proper diagnosis and take appropriate medication.


Nasal Polyp treatment is usually done by a polypectomy in which the polyp is surgically removed. This procedure is performed in the nose and uses an endoscope. A general anaesthetic is given, and the nasal polyps are cut with a surgical blade then removed from the sinus cavity using a suction tool.

Intranasal Ethmoidectomy

This technique is performed when polyps are large in number and immobile. Here, uncapping of the ethmoidal air cells is required.

Extra-nasal Ethmoidectomy

This procedure is used to remove polyps that recur after intranasal ethmoidectomy. It is the procedure for treating recurrent polyps'.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

This procedure is commonly used nowadays. Here, polyps are removed more precisely, and drainage is also provided for the other sinuses. An endoscope along with other surgical instruments is used to remove blockages, clear inflammation and make the sinus openings wider.


Natural Treatments

SinusWars5 - Damaged Nasal                          Membranes

Damaged Nasal Membranes Remedy. Helps treat nose bleeds (epistaxis) - post sinus surgery healing - burning nasal discharge - damage caused by chlorine - nasal polyps (post-surgery).
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SinusWars6 - Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyp Liquid Drops. Visibly shrinks nasal polyps whilst treating the underlying cause - treats facial pain - snoring - difficulty breathing due to nasal polyps - reduces facial swelling due to large polyp formations. Learn More >>>

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SinusWars7 - Super Unblocker

Congestion and Blockage Remedy. Treats blocked nasal passages - inflammation - congestion - pressure - sinus infections - dried nasal passages - thick mucus discharge - pain in the sinus regions - yellow or greenish - yellow discharge. Learn More >>>

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SinusWars13 - Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyp Remedy. Treats nasal polyps - reduction of current nasal polyps  - prevents the recurrence of polyps, post surgery  - reduces nasal bleeds - swelling and thickening of mucous membrane linings - pain - mouth breathing  - snoring. Learn More >>>

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