Escort Finding Tips You Can Use in Every Country

Is it true to say that you have tried to book an escort earlier but were left without any luck? Well, if you belong to Toronto, this issue is absolutely unheard of. Escorts Toronto, here, are easily booked through phones, websites or other means. However, if we talk about countries like India, it never believes sex chats (video/ chat).
On the other side, there may be a transgender or a person of same sex. Imagine that you don’t even feel like doing a sex chat for the rest of your life.
Incase you are going online in search of an escort make sure she sends her picture before you actually meet her. This is the most important tip. There are sex traffickers all over the place who cheat.
Don’t pay even a dollar in advance unless you actually see the escort and that too the same escort with the picture you actually accepted this offer for. (In case you want to go for sex). Don’t miss out on precautions. Avoid the Lip kisses. Be more specific on what you want. So that there is clarity in what you are doing.
Don’t be tensed if you are doing it for the first time. If you are tell the escort that you are tensed, she will actually help you. And most importantly tip them. This is something an individual should completely come-out of their comfort zones and do it.
So understand how much the girl goes through. So offering a little tip is never bad. In fact at the end of the day she will be happy. But to a bitch who demands tip, never tip her. Fuck her and leave. That is bad, you are the customer to her and she needs to offer services here!

10 Noticeable Signs Your Partner Maybe Gay

All of us love our partners. We love them for what they are, and choose to not look at their insecurities and their flaws. That is what true love is. However, a few times during the course of the relationship, people tend to question their sexuality, their sexual preference and even their sexual orientation.

We have come across many cases where a relationship ended because one person turned out to be interested in the same sex, or to simply put it, he or she was gay or a lesbian.

Whilst it can be really frustrating to suppress your true orientation and we totally are against it, you should also be a little alert to notice those signs as and when they occur that might tell you that your partner might be gay.

We have received a large number of relationship confessions where our readers admitted to missing out some of the more obvious and the subtle signs that could have warned them beforehand about the sexual orientation of their partner.

We do not want any such things to happen to our readers anymore, and hence today we bring out Ten Signs Your Partner Maybe Gay.

1. Decline In The Sex In Your Relationship

Flickr/ Mirøslav Hristøff
Flickr/ Mirøslav Hristøff

Once your partner starts drifting towards another orientation, sex is the first casualty. You start having less and less sex. He seems to be less interested. He seems always tired. He has problems in getting an erection.

All these signs can be a signal of a bigger problem. You can feel the sex has gone down and the tempo hasn’t gone up for a really long time.

While you are end up frustrated, he is cruising away with his other partners. You need to talk if your sex life has taken a hit, and it has been so for a very long time.

2. There Isn’t The Same Lust In Him

Flickr/ Vic
Flickr/ Vic

Your partner would generally not yearn for your touch the same way he used to.

You could see that the lust with which he used to see you when you put on your lingerie would be missing from his eyes.

He would not be so interested in grabbing you from behind, neither he would spank you as often as he used to do.

All these signs indicate a decreased level of attraction and libido towards you.

3. He Is Failing To Perform In The Bed

Room Woman Girl Alone People Bed

Many partners often fail to perform in bed once they have found interest elsewhere. Once you are not the true object of his desires, he might have difficulty in getting it up, or even performing it well. You can often tell if your sex life used to be all exciting and it became dull all of a sudden.

4. You Two Don’t Talk That Often As You Used To Do


Another aspect that takes a hit when your partner is secretly gay is the fact that how well you used to communicate.

Communication is one of the biggest indicators of a healthy relationship, and if you are not communicating well with your partner, it means something is wrong.

A gay partner would avoid certain topics in conversations that could spill the beans. Things can get worse from here and he can often start avoid discussing anything of intimate nature at all with you.

5. Increasing Use Of Sex Toys While You Can Get The Flesh


We humans tend to prefer our partners for pleasure first, and then toys. A mix of two is often preferred too.

But when your partner starts demanding toys for anal stimulation all of a sudden, and you seem to take a back seat, things are going wrong.

He might have had another encounter that might have given him a taste of anal stimulation, and chances are, he is craving it now.

6. He Is Overly Secretive About His Friends And Buddies


If your partner is overly secretive about the people he is hanging out with, chances are he doesn’t want to find out what he is doing with them.

A new group of friends who he has gotten close too soon with might be a group from a gay bar or similar orientation.

Try to find out about who they are, and what they do. Once you have an idea about who they are, or where they are hanging out, you can probably guess what they are doing together.

7. You Seem To Miss The Action In The Threesome


Many couples experiment by arranging a threesome in some point in their life, and while for some it strengthens the bond that they already have, some get to know their partner’s secret orientation.

If you had a threesome, with a friend or an escort recently, and seem to have missed all the action, chances are your partner and the other person involved seem to have found a common interest.

It isn’t something that you should ignore, and we recommend that you talk.

8. An Extreme Makeover

close up of male gay couple holding rainbow flags

Once your partner starts cheating on you with someone of the same sex, he might get a strong desire to appeal to his new partner.

In such cases, he could choose to get an extreme makeover, or get too focussed on his appearance.

Such a behaviour is indicative of your partner being concerned about the opinions of someone else other than you, which is a bad news in any case.

9. Pornography


The involvement of pornography has varied effect on any relationship. While in some relationships, it serves as a to do guide, or as a tool to rekindle desires, it sometimes has some detrimental effects too.

Many of our readers have complained that their partners get too involved with porn, and actually start jerking off to porn rather than having the actual thing.

Masturbating excessively can often lead to frustration in your partner since you tend to avoid sex. Gay people often drift towards homosexual porn, and they get hooked up to it.

While it is nothing wrong with watching gay pornography, if his search history indicates that he is looking to replicate the experience of something he saw, that’s the time you should take the hint.

10. Sudden Change In Drinking Habits or Even Drugs


Men often tend to change their drinking habits and many even start the use of cannabis in their phase of drifting or experimenting.

This is often an excuse for lowering their inhibitions and finally getting to do what their heart really wants and desires.

If you ever come across prescription pills that you do not know he is taking, it can be a sure sign that he might be using them for getting high. Any such addiction can also be a sign of much deeper problems.

While these signs are not always exclusive to your partner being gay, but if you find more than any one of the signs mentioned above in your relationship, chances are you need to talk. In order to harbour a trusting and caring relationship, you need to trust your partner and always communicate. Also, try to find out the reasons why he is keeping things away from your knowledge and try tp be a little bit accomodating to let your partner feel comfortable, and share with you his exact feelings.

Mistakes An Escort Should Definitely Avoid

Being an escort in a city like Toronto is not as tough as people usually think about it. Escorts are some of the highest paid employees of Toronto escorts agencies. It is not only about the money involved, it is also the lifestyle which attracts girls into this profession. But every profession has certain pros and cons and before putting your foot onto it, you have to know the risks involved.

In this blog post, I’ll try to address some of the most common mistakes an escort commits during the beginning. There are seasoned and experienced escorts out there who know these little things enormously well. If you are working for an agency, you will be taught these things one way or the another. However, if you are planning to start independently as an escort service provider, this blog post is a must read!

First and foremost, do not ever reveal your real name to any of your clients. This is the most common mistake every newbie does. You can’t be sure if the client is a real gentleman or just posing like one. He could very well be a creepy stalker or even worse. So, be careful with your real name.

Always try and verify the details provided by the client at the time of booking. And remember, never every discuss things like rates, sexual acts and similar private information verbally. It can land you in great trouble at some point of time. I know that Toronto escorts are quite intelligent when it comes to covering the tracks.

Now comes the most important part: Payments. You need to be very very specific about your payment terms and medium. You can not accept the payment by any means which he can stop at any point of time. So, that makes no to cheques. Go for cash when the amount is that which you can handle in your purse. If the amount is huge, go for the wire transfer.

As a beginner in the escort fraternity, you will be exposed to all the industry risks which are there is every entertainment fields. You will be approached by some of the so called “life changing opportunities” where you’ll be scammed. You can even lose your name in this field. Be very careful in dealing with these kind of individuals. Keep your distance from these luring distractions and you’ll make it big.

You have to be very careful and particular about our health and hygiene. Never compromise with your healthy’s safety. In this adult industry, it is extremely easy to lose track of your drinks. One thing can lead to another and next morning, you might find yourself in very dangerous situation. Never agree to unprotected sex. Doesn’t matter who the client is and what he is promising, never do it.

Keep having a regular heath diagnosis on monthly basis. Being low on immunity and working is quite a danger situation in escort services. These were some of the most common mistakes which a Toronto escort should definitely avoid.



The Client’s Perspective: Why Go To An Escort?

With the increasing nature of fragile relationships, and the more demanding professions in the present world, relationships have taken a hit. People have less time for sensuality in their lives and they cannot live their life on their own terms. Many people have jobs which require them to travel all the time, or run shifts which makes it impossible for them to find good people for themselves and hook up. In any case, there have been a rapid rise in the demands for the companionship industry and our Toronto escorts have been getting more and more requests repeatedly.

Today we bring out the client’s perspective in having to book escorts for the fulfillment of their sensual and erotic needs.

The Failed Marriage

We think this is the one type which would top our list. A failed marriage has many consequences rather than just the alimony. People are left bitter and shattered, and often low on confidence and sensuality. They cannot find the confidence to approach any other woman and make a move to invite her for a drink or something fun. The whole idea becomes so intimidating that they tend to confine themselves to loneliness. Toronto escorts have helped many such people get back into the game by stroking their ego while servicing them which has indeed helped many individuals.

The Nerd

These are the second most popular type of clients in our opinion. Glassy, googly eyed nerds who have spent their entire lives studying and making a career for themselves that they completely lost about the part where they could show that they have a confident personality. Such people have plenty of money but no girls by their sides. And once they get settled and a good paying job, they start looking for sensuality in their lives. Needless to say,Toronto  escorts are the first choice in such a scenario too.  

The Loner

Well, these creatures are also unique in their own demands and thinking. They want to enjoy sensuality without having to enjoy the burdens or the baggage of a conventional relationship. For them companionship is all about getting to do stuff that matters and then maintaining their own businesses. Such people also tend to frequent to escorts to fulfill their emotional and sensual needs in order to get the best deals for them. They get the sensuality they crave, without having to deal with the liabilities of a relationship.

The Inexperienced

Many people due to various reasons tend to get less experience in sex and hence have a low amount of self confidence in their personality. Such people are the ones who hire escorts to know the full spectrum that there is to sex and learn about many things that can be done and experimented with. Such people are taken care in the best way possible by escorts too.

People tend to book escorts for various reasons, but whatever is the reason one thing is certain , the escort is going to take good care of you. When you book an escort from the ones we recommend, we are sure that you are going to be left with an experience so memorable that you are always going to want more.

The Awesome Threesome

Escorting is not like your typical day to day job, neither does it involve the same repercussions. Being an escort involves a certain level of sophistication in itself. You cannot be the most sought after companion unless you behave and maintain yourself like one. Being in the companionship industry widens one’s horizons about human sexuality like no other. On one odd day at the Toronto escorts agency, I got a call for an escort, well nothing unusual, until I found out that a woman was calling on the other end for a heterosexual escort. I was not sure what it meant, and I was sure I was missing the obvious. So I called Amy who is amongst our best Toronto escorts, and apprised her of the situation.

To my surprise, Amy did not freak out at all. That is another perk of working in this industry. Any unusual thing brings excitement rather than anxiety. What I had also not known was that I had called the ‘Threesome Expert’ of the lot, and she knew what this meant much before I could figure it out. So, she took the number, and noted the address and went on to meet the couple.

On arrival at the house, she saw a young couple, which was around thirty five years old by whom she was warmly greeted. Upon entering the house she started having a conversation and trying to find out what the couple exactly wanted. As it turned out, it was the girl who had been planning this encounter as a surprise and she wanted his boyfriend to have two girlfriend experiences, simultaneously.

So, for her, the idea of having his boyfriend at her mercy was to show him how much two women wanted him at the same time. It was enquired if she would charge anything extra for any female on female action involved, which she told there would be standard charges. The arrangement was supposed to go like this, a sensual massage while the man was blindfolded followed by two love making sessions, with one girl each and one session with both girls simultaneously. There were some other not so obvious constraints involved too, such as skin to skin contact while doing it and no barriers between flesh.

And so the encounter started with an hour long massage session. The massage session was aimed to revitalize the senses of the man, while the woman sat on a couch watching, and preparing for her turn. This was followed by the escort giving the man the love making experience. After that the girl joined in, and the escort took some rest while the girl did her business.

After that, all three of them were together and enjoyed the touch of each other’s body. There was a request for specific female on female session too, which Amy gladly obliged. After the completion of all the sessions, all three of them shared some time together before parting ways. The conversations that followed, showed that the female really wanted her man to feel how she could easily outnumber the lust that any other woman could have shown for him.

This is the kind of service the girls with Ace Toronto escorts are committed to provide to their clients. So if you are ever in need of similar services, you should never hesitate to call.

How To Bring Your A Game With An Escort?

Hiring an escort can be tedious for many people. First you have to go through a lot of research, then finalizing an agency and then asking all the right questions, and thereafter finalizing the booking. The process of filtering through all the low quality stuff and going through all this hassle is so tiring sometime, you barely have any excitement left for the actual encounter. But this should never be the case. Considering the quantum of money involved and your needs, both at the physical  and the spiritual level, you must have the best possible experience with Toronto escorts, without any exceptions. So, today we are going to help you bring your A Game with an escort. 

Bringing on your best performance can sometimes be no less than rocket science. You have to interpret every signal correctly and condition your behavior according to these pointers. However, the one relaxing part is that taking into account the fact that they are escorts, their reactions are going to be widely positive, unless you do something really absurd to upset the mood.

Let us begin by the assumption that it is a date with a girl whom you really want to impress, what would you have done then? You most surely wouldn’t have just been lying around in a filthy room waiting for the business to be concluded, isn’t it? Treat this encounter no differently. You need to show the best man you could be. Start by setting the mood of the place right. Give some time into thinking over it, making it the perfect date. Make some efforts to set the lights in the room match the occasion. Make the lights look romantic and inviting. Care should be taken to maintain the right amount of lighting. You should not have the lights so low to make it look sketchy.

Next comes personal grooming. Take a good, hard look at your nails and yourself in the mirror. Would you like your hair and nails to look like they look right now? No. Then do something about it. Groom yourself like you would before your wedding. Have a haircut, trim your beard or shave. Make it look right. If your nails are big, clip them. Escorts, under no circumstances, like marks on their body- unless it has been already discussed. Expect your escort to be very strict about hygiene. Considering the kind of the environment the escorts from Toronto escorts solution  work in, they won’t make an exception. So if you believe they would make an exception for you, you are living in a fool’s paradise.

Next comes body odor. You have to put it in check. Choose a perfume which matches your mood. This should be assertive of your character you feel you will be playing that evening. If you are feeling dominant, you should put on a perfume which is strong. If you are feeling romantic, use a perfume which is more appealing to the feminine side.

The same things apply to the fragrance of the room. Since your place is going to be the centre of the encounter, use a room freshener which sets the mood right. Make sure your place has a great smell when the escort from sets foot in your place. If you follow our guidelines correctly, we are pretty sure you will be in for a treat.